Spark plug wires for
gas and gasoline engines

  • For more than 4 decades, A&G has provided high-end installations to the most important automotive assembly plants in the country, including brands such as GM, Mazda, Renault, Hyundai, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and others. Currently A&G has quality certificates required by the automotive industry for the manufacture of auto parts, such as IATF 16949 and ISO 9001, thus providing security, support and confidence in all its product lines.

Innovation and development are a fundamental part of the company, which is why the discharge installations are manufactured with the best materials and components in different types of ranges to provide solutions for all applications and market demands. (Gas, taxis and special applications).
Spark plug cables belong to the vehicle's ignition system and their mission is to guarantee a spark or electrical jump that allows combustion to take place in each engine cycle and at the same time prevent the flow of high-frequency electromagnetic signals (SEAF) that may affect the proper functioning of the engine's electronic equipment (sensor systems, ECU, accessories, alarms, among others). A correct spark (in time and intensity) guarantees maximum performance, fuel savings, reduction of polluting emissions and better vehicle performance.
Generally, spark plug cables are manufactured under two ranges. Resistive cables and inductive cables. Resistive cables are manufactured with a resistance per meter between 9500 to 28000 Ohm/m. A very low resistance will not prevent the SEAF from affecting the operation of the vehicle's electrical components, while a very high resistance in the cable will considerably reduce the intensity of the spark and therefore the efficiency of the vehicle's ignition.

The terminals assembled to the A&G spark plug wires are made of stainless steel that guarantee a longer useful life for the installation. The terminals have been carefully selected to guarantee a correct application in each vehicle and type of spark plug.
The boots or caps that protect the installation are made of silicone rubber to guarantee great durability and resistance to the work environment that can be found under the hood of the vehicle.
A&G includes combs (cable separators) and automotive armor made of polypropylene in its facilities. The combs facilitate the routing of the spark plug cables, protecting them from exposure to parts of the engine that are at extreme temperatures (exhaust manifold, cylinder block) or that can damage the installation (fan). The automotive shield provides additional protection to the spark plug cables when, due to design conditions, the installation is exposed to mechanical wear (friction and vibration).


  • Los cables de bujía inductivos (bobinados) A&G por el contrario logran eliminar las SEAF creando un efecto inductivo sobre el cable haciendo que la resistencia por metro del cable sea más baja y el salto de corriente o chispa más eficiente.

    El cable A&G inductivo tiene un núcleo ferromagnético enrollado por un alambre inoxidable que se encarga de generar el efecto inductivo, una cubierta de látex conductor, un revestimiento en elastómero EPDM como aislante eléctrico y finalmente una cubierta externa en silicona o EPDM, material que soporta elevadas temperaturas y envejecimiento propio de la operación del vehículo.

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